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Massager Gloves (pack of 10 pairs)

The bioenergetic meridian massager comes with electrically conductive physiotherapy gloves (10 pairs per pack). They are used exclusively for medicinal purposes, they are used when working on the Fohow bioenergy massager.


Material: 350 D nylon and 40 D silver fiber, manufactured using microcomputer control. Outwardly, they look like light gray knitted products. Gloves have excellent electrical work conductivity, and antibacterial and anti-radiation properties.


How to apply gloves? While performing massage treatment gloves have to be damp throughout treatment.


Pay attention to such features.


1. Products are consumables, after a certain number of uses, if they begin to stretch, do not work well, they must be thrown away and new ones taken. Lasts approximately 10 massage treatments.


2. If the gloves are dirty, they can be washed gently in warm soapy water by hand, wring out and dry in the shade. Do not wash gloves into the washing machine, twist.

Massager Gloves (pack of 10 pairs)

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