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About Fohow

FOHOW Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “FOHOW Group”) is an international company incorporated by Mr. Yu Fei and his partners in Hong Kong. It is specialized in the research, production and sales of natural healthcare products made from traditional Chinese medicine. The World Health Organization recognizes China as having a rich and highly developed system of medical knowledge – a treasure of humankind.

 New essential stage was launched in the history of the development of the production technology for biologically active food supplements and more – it promoted the appearance of liquid concentrated products, made from a high-grade, curative mushroom cell substance – the fast-acting biological regulator of the immune and energy systems.
Fohow Corporation is the only Chinese company producing healthcare products that has its own scientific research institute that researches, develops and produces new biologically active supplement (BAS) formulas, performs product safety research, determines product effectiveness and handles other functions. Professor Tang Youzhi, the founder of modern Chinese medicine, previously the personal doctor of Chinese chairman Mao Zedong, is the leader of the scientific research institute. Professor Tang Youzhi has been consulting the most famous state leaders in China and many other countries.
The products of all Fohow Corporation enterprises have been certified with the leading international quality certificates GMP, HAACP and ISO. Presently Fohow products are being registered in many countries of the world. Products were registered very quickly in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Germany, US, UK and many other countries. The company produces unique healthcare products and it is determined to proceed to register the biologically active food supplements in different countries over the world.
Experts from different hygiene and epidemiology centres have confirmed the safety and naturalness of Fohow Corporation products. BAS safety indexes are much lower than hygiene requirements by tens or even hundreds of times. The Fohow Corporation’s biologically active supplements contain many components that are necessary for the human organism, such as polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, flavonoids and others. 
All Fohow products are widely used as prevention and healthcare measures. They work in an absolutely different way than do any other natural supplements known in the world. The qualities of these supplements are a gentle influence and even the regulation of the Yin and Yang balance. Due to modern technologies, the effectiveness of these supplements exceeds the effects of the raw materials by ten times. The most modern methods of cell splitting and extraction are used to produce these supplements, such as multifunctional extraction at low temperatures, above critical extraction, colonial chromatography, vacuum concentration and others. Thus the active components are maximally retained and the ineffective components and additives are eliminated.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “food and medication are the same”. The synergy principle is the basis for all the formulas produced. The production of Fohow Corporation works in three ways: Cleansing (Cin), Regulating (Tiao) and Supplementing (Bu).

Phoenix FOHOW Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd.
245, Long Xia Road, Dou men District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel. 86 756 5103003

We are the official company's distributorship in the United Kingdom


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