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Faradization Thermal Belts - are 'know-how' in physiotherapy. This unique product is the result of scientific research of corporation Fohow specialists. The belts are produced from special material that contains finely shredded with the help of nanotechnologies low power magnets and minerals, placed according to the principles of acupuncture, stimulating the points located along different meridians. The range of the cell “wave” length measures the effect of the magnets and many finely minced, precious minerals. Such measurements made it possible to ensure stable and deep heating. Heat penetrates the body up to 14 cm in depth providing several hours of relief.



Get a Faradization thermal belt – and you have a full physiotherapy cabinet at home. Belts combine all the best features of the reflex therapy, physiotherapy, mineral therapy, magneto therapy and infrared saunas. No power supply is needed.  The belts remain effective for long-term usage – estimated at up to 5,000 hours!

Faradization Belts

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