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Become Fohow Distributor

If you are looking for an additional opportunity to earn money which promises a great income potential without investing too much of your time, then we would like to invite you to consider the possibility of becoming a Fohow distributor. The only requirement to become a FOHOW distributor is to place a one-time order in the amount of £330 (330 PV points).


Once your total FOHOW products order amount reaches 330.00 GBP and you have the firm intention to become a distributor, then please add the item "Distributorship"  at a price of 0.01 GBP to your shopping cart. By adding this "product" to your order, you are telling us that you want to sign up as a distributor for the FOHOW products. As soon as we receive your order, we will register you as a distributor with FOHOW.

We will inform you about your FOHOW distributor number and also provide you with your login details for accessing your personal distributor online account at In addition, you will receive further information about how to build up your own sales network and how to market the FOHOW products. The FOHOW sales network is very intelligently structured and yet simple at the same time, offering on the long-term run an excellent earning potential.There is only one products price, no trade or retail markups and marketers are paid by bonuses.


How to get started


  • Fohow offer their products as small scale bulk buying. To be a partner (or customer) you sign and buy products for 330GBP (or 330 PV ‘points‘, the actual monetary value will vary according to country currency and corporation pricing policy).

  • Then you are registered with the company, allocated a company number, and you can monitor your progress online.

  • In addition the marketing is collective. That means any products bought are counted as your business, in 330 PV contract or business places, then you sign other people under you.

  • There are no limits of time, you can work at your own speed, the company summarises all your contracts and you can view them online and calculate your position at any time.

  • In your Fohow structure, no one under you can ever be equal to or even overtake you, you will always be paid according to the number contracts under you (bonuses depend on the number of new contracts there), if you meet some simple requirements, you will allways be paid. Bonuses are paid weekly.

  • Note bonuses are quoted in euros currently as we come under the European wing of the Corporation.

You can download FOHOW MARKETING SCHEME booklet which provides detailed information about compensation plan and how to build up your own network.


If you have any questions in regard to becoming FOHOW distributor please contact us.

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