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Functional Silk Tencel Blanket

Natural silk - the thinnest natural protein fiber with unique properties to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature, depending on the season and temperature. Silk fiber structure similar to the structure of human skin. It is smooth, breathable, lightweight, soft, hygroscopic (moisture absorbent), hypoallergenic (do not cause allergic skin reactions). 


Fohow functional silk blanket has high air permeability, excellent heat retention and comfort of use. Made of silk and Tencel (upper blanket layer composition: 60% tencel and 40% long-staple cotton).


Tencel fiber - a bundle of high quality natural cellulose extracted from eucalyptus tree sprouts; made by using modern nanotechnology Tencel has a unique fibril structure. Fibrils - extremely small hairs - are the tinies components which make up the fiber. Submicroscopic channels between the individual fibrils regulate absorption and release of moisture. Tencel is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, bacteriostatic, safe to the human body, elastic, durable and even after many washes does not lose its following features. 


Functional effects:

When blanket's functional layer contacts with human skin,  begins a piezo-electric and piezo-thermal reaction, radiates low-frequency infrared rays with a wavelength 4-14 micron, and anions (negatively charged ions). Radiation to Head 86 per cent of capacity, and improves the microcirculation of human tissues (blood supply) and metabolism (the supply of nutrients and waste materials disposal). In addition, the positive ions are emitted with air quality and an alkalizing effect on the body (increases pH).


Blanket care: Automatic washing machine wash, normal mode, 30-degree Celsius temperature. Do not use chemical bleach. Do not use heavy drilling. Dried in a well ventilated room. Do not use iron.

SIze 150 x 215 cm

Functional Silk Tencel Blanket

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