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Toothpaste with cordyceps

Fohow Toothpaste contains Cordyceps, Ganoderma extracts and a variety of natural plant extract solutions (such as plant glucoside and phenol).


  • REGULATION Ganoderma and cordyceps sinensis can fundamentally improve the oral environment.
  • ELIMINATING BACTERIA: plant glucoside and phenol can restrain the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • PREVENTING DISEASES AND STRENGTHENING TEETH: can effectively prevent and improve diseases such as oral, swelling, and aching of gums, periodontitis, gingival bleeding, bad breath, dental caries and so on.
  • CLEANSING OF ORAL CAVITY: the essence of the toothpaste’s ingredients can clean away tooth deposits and prevent the multiplication of micro-organisms in the oral environment, resulting in the oral cavity being clean and the teeth healthy.


Size: 140g.



Toothpaste with cordyceps

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