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Rose Oligose Paste "Meigui"

Fohow Corporation performed the research that led to the production of Meigui fruit paste (originally named rose oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides are insoluble organic compounds, classified as carbohydrates (saccharides), which are also called prebiotics. Oligosaccharides play an important role in the human intestine by providing favourable conditions for intestinal micro flora to develop, feeding the beneficial probiotic bacteria and stimulating their growth. Recent research proved that oligosaccharides are able to directly remove bacteria and viruses from the organism. If there are enough oligosaccharides in the organism, the immune system strengthens, metabolism is improved, the balance of minerals is regulated toxins are removed from the digestive tract much faster, which is very important after a course antibiotics. The product has a pleasant taste and an obvious effect, it is used for the healthcare purposes. It is possible to include in your diet instead of sugar. It is possible to use regularly.


Functional effects:

  • strengthens immune system

  • removes toxins

  • relaxing the bowel

  • preventing the hypertension and arteriosclerosis

  • protecting the liver

  • preventing the obesity

  • beauty effect


Ingredients: rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. No sugar.

Package: a tube of 120 g.

Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.

Storage: in a dry and cool place.


Rose Oligose Paste "Meigui"

SKU: F006
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