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Revitalising Face Mask x 10

Revitalising Face Mask

Rich in natural extracts of Dendrobium extract, it nourishes and improves skin texture, leaving skin hydrated and delicate. Natural, no preservatives, without any flavor, suitable for any skin type. Face mask is rich in extract of natural dendrobe essence and can provide intensive nourishment and improve skin texture, resilience, delicacy and smoothness. 


Product Ingredients: 
Water, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Dendrobium Officinale Extract,Glycerin.


Dendrobium Candidum:
* Chinese traditional medicines for replenishing rituals are known as "Saving Immortals";
* Dendrobium candidum is rich in active polysaccharides, which can increase cell viability, repair cell mucous membranes, and make skin more full and lustrous;
* Dendrobium contains a large amount of gum, which can nourish the skin quickly, deeply repair dry and rough, lasting moisture, lock water, make the skin plumper, more abundance, and more elasticity!

Tremella Extract
Tremella is a natural moisturizing emollient that is rich in natural colloids and nourishes the skin's stratum corneum. At the same time, Tremella is rich in protein and vitamins, etc. It has the functions of removing wrinkles, firming skin, and anti-aging, and it can bring smoothness to the skin.

Suggested Usage:
Apply mask to cleansed face and gently press to make it fit the skin. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Gently remove mask and gently massage the face until fully absorbed. Not necessary to cleanse face after removal and massage

This product is for external use only. Because the product is not added with preservatives, the bags are ready for use to ensure quality. Do not reuse mask. 



Revitalising Face Mask x 10

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