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Puer Tea "Liuwei Cha"

Tea “Luwei” is created according to TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) principles about the unity of medication and food, with the help of the best modern technology for raw material processing from Chinese cordyceps, Pu erh tea (aged 3 years and more). The tea is distinguished for rich, fresh, original aroma and sweetish taste. Puer tea when used on a regular basis improves digestion, helps remove weight, reduces the amount of lipids in the blood, regulates the arterial blood pressure. Tea also has a detoxicating and cosmetic effect, supplements the vital energy, is an effective diuretic.


Different indications and recommended duration of use:

▫️Hyperlipemia: 1-2 treatment courses every 3 months (the amount of lipid in the blood under control)

▫️Diabetes: 1-2 treatment courses every 3 months (the amount of lipid in the blood and urine under control); it is used as an additional treatment measure

▫️Obesity: 1-2 treatment courses several times a year

▫️Atherosclerosis: 1-2 treatment courses several times a year

▫️Osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis: 1-3 treatment courses several times a year

▫️Other diseases: treatment time is prescribed individually, usually 1-2 treatment courses a year.



Tea brewing:

One packet of tea can be brewed 3-4 times a day at equal intervals. Everytime the same packet is dipped into full glass of hot (about 90°C) water for 1-3 minutes (the first time it is enough to wait for a few seconds, until the water is colored). In the evening the concentration of cordyceps and other ingredients will be smaller, this is why the sleep will not be disturbed. One treatment course with Tea “Luwei” – 25 days. The tea can be used longer.


Main ingredients: Pu erh tea, Loco(astralagus), sage rootstock, ginseng, chrysanthemum blossoms, japanese honeysuckle

Package: 25 tea packets, 1 packet – 2 grams of raw material

Expiration date: 36 months since the production date

Storage: in a dry cool place


Notes: Before using cordyceps preparations, it is advisable to prescribe tea “Luwei”, because it is distinguished for a strong cleaning effect. It is recommended to drink the tea not any later than at 6 p.m

Puer Tea "Liuwei Cha"

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