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Princess Pearls Capsules "Gufei Bao"

Fohow Princess Pearl - capsules, containing many herbs that have antibacterial and inflammatory effects. Cleanses, controls, restores - therefore these capsules can be used for a number of gynecological diseases.


Tamponized Capsules Guifei Bao are recommended for:

  • Prevention and as an additional tool, in the treatment of vaginitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammation, uterine myomas, fungal infections

  • Cervical cleaning - dead tissue and menstrual blood residues, unpleasant smell is removed

  • Stimulating female sex hormone secretion

  • Reconstruction of physiological reproductive organs functions

  • Reconstruction of the vaginal wall elasticity and vaginal sensitivity

  • Maintenance and restoration of the inner vaginal acid-base balance and natural microflora of the vagina and uterus

  • Achieving exterior cosmetic effect: brighten pigmentation, whiten skin and wrinkle reduction.


Tamponized capsules Princess Pearl are recommended to use as an auxiliary therapy in a number of gynecological diseases and as a preventive measure against them.



  • Open the foil package.

  • Wash and dry vagina. Put on sanitary gloves and pull a tip of a cord which has to remain outside for easy removal later on, insert the capsule into the vagina. 

  • After three days, the capsule must be replaced. Gently pull out the cord and the capsule easily pulls out. Wash your vagina.

  • Health care course - consistent use of six capsules.



  • Guifei Bao may dry the skin. To moisturize and soften the skin we recommend applying Fohow Aloe Vera Ge

  • Capsules are not recommended for pregnant women and young girls that did not have sexual relations.

  • Capsules shall not be used during menstruation, breastfeeding, period and on appearance of bodily allergic reactions .

  • Be careful after pregnancy termination.



  • Dragon tree seed extract

  • Sorrel roots

  • Pseudolarch

  • Catechu acacia

  • Colorific saflor

  • Yellow sophora borneol

  • Bura and other rare traditional Chinese plants.


Package: contains 6 capsules

Princess Pearls Capsules "Gufei Bao"

SKU: FY001
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