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Oral Liquid “Sanqing"

Oral liquid “Sanqing” is the most effective natural product created in China for organism cleaning. The product is recommended to people suffering from obstipation and hyperlipemia, in the cases of digestive tract inflammation, acne, pigmental marks. Complete organism cleaning and toxin elimination is guaranteed in the cases when the oral liquid is used with fruit paste "Meigui".


Functional effects:

cleanses the intestine

cleanses toxins from the organism

cleanses lipids from the blood

relieves constipation

treats enteritis and gastritis


Main ingredients and their effects:

Aloe gel - contains 160 active components, including ahetin, which strengthens the organism in fighting off viruses, and aloemicinus which affects cancer cells. Aloe stimulates the organism and slows down the aging processes. Additionally aloe aids constipation and haemmorhoids, heals wounds, treats heart and blood vessel diseases and has other beneficial effects.

Oligosaccharids - are high quality, water-soluble nutritious fibers, which improve the work of the digestive tract and have noticeable healing effects. It works as a laxative to prevent constipation, reduces the amount of lipids in the blood, strengthens immunity and has other beneficial effects.


Usage: up to two bottles per day, usually for 10 days, is considered one treatment, which can be repeated. For a more intense effect, a 3-day break of non-use is recommended between treatment courses. For complete cleansing, use for no less than 15 days.


Effects of use:

In 2 to 3 hours after the first time the elixir is used, stagnant excrement begins to decay in the intestine followed by flatulence.

In 2 to 3 days after use, the stagnant excrement begins to separate from the walls of the intestine walls. There is a need to defecate, and the excrement is liquid, very foul smelling and dark.

In 4 to 10 days after use, there are fewer inflammation processes in the stomach and intestine, the unpleasant smell from the mouth disappears, constipation or diarrhea gradually disappears and the excrement is in a normal color and shape.

After 2 to 3 courses of such treatment, the work of the digestive tract noticeably normalizes, and defecation eases and becomes regular. Gradually the skin roughness that had appeared due to constipation and the accumulation of toxins in the organism disappears, and the complexion becomes a normal pink. Bad breath disappears. Gradually skin blemishes, acne and rashes also disappear, because their causes have been eliminated.


Ingredients: aloe, oligosacharids, chitin, ginkgo

Package: 4 bottles, 30 ml each

Expiration date: 18 months from production date

Storage: in a dark cool place

Oral Liquid “Sanqing"

SKU: F007
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