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Natural Latex Pillow

Fohow pillow made of natural latex

Ultra elasticity;

Naturalness and environmental friendliness;

Breathability and comfort;

Air circulation.

The pillow is made of natural Thai latex (85 +%), has an ergonomic structure and excellent breathability. The special design of the pillow together with the use of macro beads allows to relieve pain in the shoulders and neck to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep. More than a thousand honeycomb openings ensure constant air circulation, the pillow quickly removes residual heat and sweat during sleep, keeping you fresh, clean and comfortable.

The fast padding of the materials allows the pillow to react quickly to changes in body position during sleep, creating ideal conditions for neck and head support.

The pillow's soft pillowcase is made of antibacterial materials: the hevein protein contained in natural latex inhibits demodex, the growth of bacteria and the possibility of allergic reactions. The pillow effectively relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area, maintains the natural position of the head and neck and significantly improves the quality of sleep.

Massage cushion features: length - 50 cm, width - 28 cm, height 8-10 cm.

Natural Latex Pillow

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