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Functional Pillow

Functional Pillow is particularly effective in improving the microcirculation in the brain department, produces static head massage, relieves fatigue. It is effective for insomnia. The pillow also improves the quality of sleep, lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol, prevents aging.


How it works:

Soft magnets sewn into the pillow form a closed magnetic field, helping to supply cerebral department with oxygen. The pillow improves microcirculation in the head, neck and shoulder sections, removes brain fatigue, improves the quality of sleep, soothes and relaxes body.



Outer layer: pile fabric - 100%, cotton Jacquard - 100%, soft strip magnets.

Fillers: poliestirol - 50%, functional polyester fiber - 50%.

Bottom layer: Jacquard cotton - 100%.

Size: 70 x 45 x 12 cm



Diseases of the cervical spine. Insomnia, bad quality of sleep. Dizziness, headaches, memory impairment. Health improvement and maintenance.

Functional Pillow

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