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Yin & Yang and the Five Elements

According to the Theory of Yin & Yang - it can both represent two opposite things and be used to analyse the two opposite sides inside the same thing. Generally, all active, extrinsic, warm, functional and strong things belong to Yang, while all still, intrinsic, descending, cold, dark, material and weak things belong to Yin.

Among human organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney belong to Yang, while gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and bladder belong to Yin. The unity of opposites between Yin & Yang is the root cause for generation, development, change and extinction of all things in the nature.

The Five Elements refers to wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to the Theory of Five Elements, all things in the world are generated by the movement and change of these basic elements. There are interconnections and cross influences among these elements. And a dynamic balance is maintained during the movement of these elements with mutual promotion and restraint.

In the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concepts and philosophies of the Theory of Yin & Yang and the Theory of Five Elements are embodied everywhere. In TCM views, there are Yin & Yang and Five Elements inside human body. When there is a balance between Yin and Yang and regularity among the five elements, benign Qi of the human body will be plentiful and the body will be healthy, otherwise malign Qi will overcome benign Qi, and various diseases will be incurred.

In addition, the TCM Theory points out that human body may recover from diseases by virtue of rational regulation. The purpose of regulation is not to directly kill bacteria and cancer cells but to regain balance of Yin & Yang and regularity of the Five Elements and build up benign Qi in body, so that the body can resist disease by itself. When there is enough resistance against disease, bacteria and cancer cells can be killed and health can be regained.

Everyone longs for physical and mental health. In this world, nothing is more important than healthy body and mind. Nowadays, material civilisation of human kind has reached a summit, and scientific progress has enhanced modern medicine to a very high level. However, along with such progress, the ecological system has been unprecedentedly damaged: abnormal climate, environmental pollution, excessive use of chemical agent … Due to these factors, “health” has become unreachable for modern people!

For this reason, Fohow Group has built three major Fohow theories of health and developed a complete theoretical system by virtue of its strengths in research and development and by inheriting and carrying forward the health care culture in TCM. Taking the spirit of “burning enthusiasm to realise dreams”, it is dedicated to bringing happiness, health and success to more people in the whole world.

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