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Bioenergetic Meridian Massage Online Course

What you will get on the course: 

  • Principles of Bioenergetic Meridian Massager, indications, and contraindications for massage

  • Theoretical material about body meridians, main acupoints, and their benefits

  • Video tutorial for full body massage techniques 

  • Video tutorial for face massage techniques 

  • Personal consultation during the course

  • Individually arranged exam via Zoom

  • Certificate of completion of the course

  • Access to the online course for 90 days

What is course formate?

IT IS AN ONLINE COURSE.  After making the payment you will get access to the course on the website page 'ONLINE COURSE' with all material/instructions which can be downloaded and video tutorials. The examination is held individually via  Zoom or videos how you perform massage could be recorded and sent to us. 


After completing the course and passing the test, you will receive a certificate. The certificate is issued in English and serves as proof that you have attended the course and gained skills to work with the device.